Ebanks Clinicians

“Emphasis on Treatment of Psychiatric and Psychological Injuries “

EBANKS CLINICIANS is an association of licensed Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Social Workers, and Counselors who are strongly committed to meeting the needs of a large and diverse population.  As a regulated profession in the state of Louisiana, our treatment team is held by the highest standards of clinical practice.

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Recently Injured in a Accident?

Ebanks Clinicians is here to assist you during your recovery. It is our goal to provide our clients with a safe, caring, and confidential environment in which to get help for serious personal issues.

Our Services

Ebanks Clinicians is proud to offer a host of services that include assessment and treatment of children, adolescents and adults.  We offer services centered to meet each client needs on an individual basis.

Individual Counseling


Motor Vehicle Accident

Psychiatric Evaluation

Police Abuse Counseling

Workplace Injury

Medication Management

Driver Anxiety Assessment

Group Therapy


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Suffering a physical injury is often a life-altering experience that can prove catastrophic to your quality of life. That is where we come in. As a result of our business model, we are here to serve you!