Football team doctor with injured player on field

Ebanks Clinicians offers a full-range sports counseling service geared to assist athletes subject to emotional difficulties.  We provide athletes with a holisitic approach of counseling at all levels of competition.  We intend to identify athletes who suffer from psychological injuries as a result of sports participation.  Athletes participating in sport are exposed to a relatively high injury risk.  The main focus of evaluation and prevention strategies is also on the treatment of physical injuries and treatments of psychiatric and psychological issues.  Emotional responses to injury include sadness, feelings of isolation, lack of motivating frustration, anger, alterations in appetite, sleep disturbance, and feeling disengaged.  Injured athletes will be fully consulted about the complete recovery and readiness to return to competition.

Many athletes attend physical rehabilitation while the psychological factors of their injury goes untreated.  This can create problems in their readiness to return to competition.

The preferred means of contacting a therapist is to call Ebanks Clinicians at (318) 325-7725.  Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm and request an appointment with a member of Ebanks Clinicians.  Individual athletes, coaches, physicians and trainers, or other athletic department staff refer athletes to Ebanks Clinicians or request consultation services.