Ebanks Clinicians

Ebanks Clinicians provides a wide range of clinical evaluations, treatment, and rehabilitation to children, adolescents and adults which require clinical information to be resolved by the legal system.  We are able to carefully review large and complex medical files and provide multidisciplinary and integrated opinions on complex medicolegal issues.

Our primary work is with victims of motor vehicle accidents (MVA) but we also accept general clients.  We are aware that individuals who have experienced a MVA may suffer serious emotional, cognitive, behavioral, occupational, financial and social consequences either directly as a result of pain and disability related to the MVA.  The impact of a serious MVA can not only harm the individual who was in the vehicle but their network of family, friends and relationships.  The ability to gainfully employ in their occupation of choice may be impacted and, not infrequently, financial hardship is very common.  Commonly, depression, anxiety, trauma, anger, social disruption, and family and marital problems may develop.  If not treated in a timely fashion such symptoms may continue to impact the individual’s life for an indefinite period of time and hinder their ability to heal physically and emotionally, hindering their return to a healthy and productive lifestyle.

We provide services in English, Hindi, and Spanish.  We have two locations in the state of Louisiana.


Our Vision

As a regulated profession in the state of Louisiana, our treatment team are held to the highest standards of clinical practice.  Ebanks Clinicians is an association of licensed Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Social Workers, and Psychotherapist who are strongly committed to meeting the needs of a large and diverse population.

Our association was established in 2012 and has since grown substantially to include clinical, forensic, and neuropsychologist, as well as experienced masters and doctorate level social workers and counselors.

Our practice is widely represented within the community with offices located throughout the state of Louisiana, including: Monroe, Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Our Philosophy

At Ebanks Clinicians, we believe that individuals experiencing significant emotional challenges as a result of a personal injury deserve the highest level of professional support and assistance.  We endeavor to provide effective, timely, and ethical interventions to assist those who require professional assistance to recover their emotional well-being.